Travel Etiquette


  • In formal situations, shake hands.
  • In informal ones, give one kiss on the cheek.
  • Be aware that formal situations may end with an invitation to share a meal.


  • Brazilians use a lot of body language and eye contact and like to work in very close proximity.
  • Brazilians use more emotion in their communication.


  • French business people favor a slower pace; don't try to rush meetings.
  • Arrange agendas for start times around noon and invite colleagues to trendy local restaurants.
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  • Germans prize punctuality, so always be on time.
  • It is polite to offer coffee, tea and cookies during meetings.


  • Give and receive business cards with both hands and read it thoroughly.
  • Do not scribble on the business card you just received as it is a sign of disrespect.
  • Do not say "no" directly.


  • Adhere to the latest formal dress code.
  • Translate all agreements, brochures and presentations into Russian.